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Killebrew Graphics

is Alexander Blake Killebrew

I am an ambitious and detail-oriented graphic design alumnus from Steven’s - The Institute of Business and Arts, where I hold a perfect attendance and have retained my role on the President’s list since my introduction to the school, in 2019. I have over six years of personal experience with design software and four years working freelance for a handful of clients. My reason for being where I am is due to my unstinting passion for branding and design and envisioning myself eventually becoming an impactful art director and, more importantly, a leader.


Alexander is truly a gifted designer. He has that innate ability to create in the graphic design arena we all wish we had. As a student he was always raising the bar in the classes he took. He showed a lot of initiative and constantly delivered more than what was asked of him. He has a willingness to learn and wants to always put his best foot forward.

Shane D. | Department Head of Graphic Design
Stevens - The Institute of Business & Arts

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